dr sylette debois


Dr. Sylette has been a nurse for over 20 years. She currently has been an entrepreneur for 10 years and is an Assistant Professor for a major university and the current owner of Dr Sylette Enterprise & Nursing First. She currently lives in Atlanta but was born and raised in Chicago.

Sylette DeBois has always lived by defying expectations. She became a mother at the age of seventeen and although that caused her to adapt and defer her dream of becoming a nurse until later, it did not stop her. Instead, it made her more resourceful. Once she became a nurse, she maintained that same spirit of boldness and tenacity. In her eyes, there was no reason why nurses couldn’t also be entrepreneurs, even though that was not the common perception, and she set out to make that a reality for herself and to inspire others to do the same.

Sylette understood that there were very few resources available to aspiring nurse entrepreneurs. She spent over twenty years working in array of nursing positions, ranging from pediatrics to critical care to management and consulting. With that experience under her belt, she knew she had the experience and skills to become the resource that was lacking in her own journey. Therefore, she founded Nursing First, a company that focuses on educational community care and the professional development of nurses, and Nursing First Academy where she educates hundreds of new nurses each year. She works daily to provide these nurses with the resources they need to open and manage successful businesses in the healthcare arena as well as build their current knowledge and arm new nurses with tools to keep them learning and growing. Sylette’s life mission is to educate and inspire as many individuals in the nursing profession as she can, and nothing will get in the way of this God-given purpose.