Dr. Katina Davis-Kennedy

Dr. Katina Davis-Kennedy is a Family Nurse Practitioner, Author, Speaker, T.V. and Radio Health Expert, Educator, Fitness Advocate, and Founder of Know Your Health Status Movement & Health Parties. She started her career in 2003 and has never wavered in her effort to teach people about good health. Energetic, compassionate and caring, are just a few words that describe, Dr. Katina. She has continued to build an adept career within the medical industry through strong community ties and her ability to speak and reach people in a unique way. Dr. Katina began her journey studying nursing at Florida A&M University, and then went on to complete her masters’ degree in nursing at Florida Atlantic University and her doctoral degree in educational leadership at the University of Phoenix. “My purpose in life is to educate others about having a healthy mind, body and lifestyle so they can live a high quality of life, mentally and physically,” says Dr. Katina.